Дельта фестиваль в Польше.

Дельтаклубы, дельтапланеристы и места полетов на просторах нашей необъятной Родины

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Дельта фестиваль в Польше.

Сообщение Zagdaj » 15 май 2019 10:46

для сведения, мало ли кому будет интересно. Пришло приглашение на фестиваль:

Fly for fun hang gliding meeting and the second edition of AIR testival in Poland!

Following the first successful A-I-R Testival in Poland in September last year, we would like to invite you to another event - fly for fun hang gliding meeting and the second edition of AIR testival.

The testival will run from May 30th to June 2nd and it will take place at the airfield in Świebodzice in the south-west Poland. We start on Thursday (May 30th) at 11.00 am.

Flex, rigid pilots and all interested in air sports are kindly welcome!

Świebodzice airfield – the location https://goo.gl/maps/rmCzZ3K6GxSyh1wW6

The event provides:

XC flights for beginners and experienced pilots in the beautiful area of Książ Castle (winch and aero towing) and fun competition for all,

presentation of modern hang gliding teaching techniques and the latest developments in rigid hang glider construction, electrically-powered "trikes",

opportunities for getting or developing experience in rigid hang gliding,

Atos test flights (winch and aero towing),

Altos tandem flights,

workshops on XC flying.

If you decide to come, please send us a message asap, as we need to know the number of the participants.

As for the lodging we can help you to book a room. If you prefer you can sleep in your car or a tent in a designated area of the airfield. Meals will be available on site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Poland!

AIR team Polska




Monika Siatkowska (English, Polish)

mobile 0048601430332

email: flyadventurebiuro@gmail.com

Christoph Bayer (German, English)

mobile 00491701676175

email: cb@fly-for-fun.com
Эх, жизнь моя - жестянка,
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